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  • Min Age : 10+
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This itinerary has been chosen for the elderly who want to travel and explore Nagaland. We take you to the villages to expose you to the unique tribal culture of the Nagas always keeping in mind for your comfort.




  1. Your transport will pick you up from Dimapur Airport and drive you to your hotel in Kohima. [If you want to stop for a quick bite at Dimapur, please ask your driver and he will take you to a restaurant near the airport before you begin your journey.]
  2. Check in to your hotel in Kohima.
  3. Dinner has been organized at a restaurant in Kohima where we will meet you and discuss your plans for the next few days.

Highlight: A short guided walk around Khonoma Village. You can spend the day exploring the village and meet the locals as they go about their daily chores. You can utilize this day to learn about the history of the village and the Folklores surrounding it. You can take a walk down the Terraced fields and understand the local system of growing paddy. You can also visit the Government school and have an interaction with the students there. You can further hike up the alder forests of Khonoma to the Mithun feeding station and try your hand at feeding salt to one of these bulls.

  1. Start the day with breakfast at your hotel where your guide will meet you and discuss the day’s events with you.
  2. Take a guided walk through the village. Followed by lunch at Dovipie inn. [If you are interested you can take a walk down to the Terraced fields of the village.]
  3. Post lunch you can, you can visit the Mithun Sanctuary where you can spot the local Bison from where you can head an further the Dzulakie area for a picnic tea.
  4. Return to the village in the evening.
  5. Head back to Kohima for the night.
  6. Check into your Hotel. Dinner at the hotel.

Highlight: A short guided walk around Kohima Town – you can explore the local market and shops followed by our signature World War II tour at the commonwealth War Cemetery to learn how a fierce battle between the Allies and Japanese along with the Indian National Army impacted the course of the World’s history.

  1. Start the tour with a coffee at the famous Heritage Bungalow.
  2. Take a short walk down the WWII commonwealth cemetery for our signature battle field tour .
  3. Have lunch at the café in town followed by a visit to local market. [For more adventurous, we take you to see the exotic food that the Nagas are famous for.]
  4. Post lunch, you can visit the Kohima Cathedral or the State Museum.
  5. Head back to the Hotel. Have dinner at the Hotel.

Highlight: An overnight trip to Phusachodu village where you will have the opportunity to explore an interior village of Nagaland. Here, you will get to experience the rich culture, traditions, customs and life in Naga village while staying in the comfort of a modern Bungalow. This is our most highly rated experience by clients – you can’t miss it. It is a great experience for you to get familiar with the simplicity of life in a traditional village. Hence, the name ‘back to roots’.

  1. Start your day with a leisurely breakfast at your hotel.
  2. Check out of your hotel and then drive to the village. [The drive is approximately 3 hours 30 minutes from Kohima town.]
  3. Your guide will meet you at the village and take you for a guided walk through the village where you will learn of the history and culture of the village .
  4. End the walk with a short cultural program performed by the youths of the village where perhaps you can participate.
  5. A simple dinner will be organized at a home stay in the village.
  6. Your stay tonight will be at a guest house in the village.


  1. Your guide will join you at your guest house for breakfast and will take you to Zhavame village. [The drive is approximately an hour away from Phusachodu village.]
  2. Take a guided walk through the village and learn of the history and culture of the village.
  3. Lunch will be prepared at the local home for you.
  4. Post lunch, you can visit the fields which this village is famous for and drive up to the Kapamodzu range from where you can see the neighboring village of Manipur.
  5. Return to Kohima for the night.
  6. Check into your hotel. Have dinner at the hotel.


  1. Have breakfast at the hotel and leave for Dimapur Airport. [You will need to be on the road by 8:30 am.]
  2. On the way down to Dimapur there is a shop called Chapru where you can stop for a coffee and also pick some last minute stuff before heading home.
  3. Have a great flight back
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