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Hornbill festival is a massive international occasion celebrated annually (Dec 1-10) in Kisama village, Kohima. Before anything is spilled about this celebration, one must know that Nagaland is a land of eccentric cultural festivals. These festivals are held year round among the varied tribes in their respective towns and villages. The fundamental theme of these activities (in a nutshell) is to bring back to life the age old tradition of the ancestors for a brief moment as a matter of identification and to showcase an element of a long lost culture to the contemporary generation. Once the celebration is set off, all the people present in the event has the liberty to indulge themselves in the traditional luxury of delicacies, drinks, arts, crafts, music, attire,folklores, equipments, paintings, muses and etcetera at the costs ranging from free to extravagant.

Apart from indulging ourselves in the festive celebration, we are going to stay in few of the warmest homestays, hop villages from the first green village of India to a village where the digital age is yet to come, we are also going to trek to the mighty Dzukou valley, a night of camping in the wild and make many many new friends!


Highlight: A day at the greenest village of Asia.

  1. Welcome to the land of festivals. After meet and greet we drive to Khonoma Village. A raw and authentic Naga Village. The villagers have banned cutting of trees and hunting. A bold move considering their heavy dependence on the wild for day to day survival. Today apart from the magnicifient natural beauty of the place, we will see the life of the regular Nagas closely, learn about the rich history and significance of the region during second world war, learn about the village superstitions and traditions, the common meeting place of the local clans and understand the day to day life of the Nagas and take a stroll aimlessly in the beautiful paddy fields. Buckle up for yet another facinating story telling today.

Highlight: Drive to Dzuleke, Explore Kohima and Kigwema Village

  1. After your morning cup of tea/coffee we go to one ofthe remotest village of the region, Dzuleke. hile to ahidden waterfall, visit local houses, tree house, spendtime river side and drive to Kohima. Visit war cemetery,local market and explore local cuisines in a restaurant.

Highlight: Trek to the mighty Dzukou Valley.

  1. The tea gets served early today as we prep ourselvedfor the next adventure. After breakfast, we packessentials for 1 day and drive to Vishwema Village(starting point of trek to Dzukou valley). After 60 minsof bumpy back breaking ride and 90 mins climb throughthick forest, we get the first view of the valley. Thenonwards its a 2 hour easy leisure walk in the beautifulvalley to the resthouse where we camp for the night.This place offers beautiful view of the valley and wespend the evening at leisure sipping some wine by thecampfire, singing our heart out or just silently reading abook.

Highlight: A day into the wild and evening Hornbill festival.

  1. Suggest wake up super early today to grab the mostmagneficient view of Dzukou valley. Go for a morninghike around the valley for a bit. After DIY sandwichesfor breakfast, we prepare for the trek back down to thebase latest by 10:30 am.

Highlight: A day exploring the festival of festivals.

  1. After delightful breakfast with incredible views, wespend the whole day at the hornbill venue. We will visitmorungs (house/gathring place/educational center) ofevery tribe. Try local cuisines, sip rice beer of differentflavours, explore hornbill market and see lots and lotsof colourful cultural performances. This isn't even thehalf of the experiences we will see that day.

Highlight: Fly back home.

  1. Today is the day we bid adieu. Due to limited connectivity, we only have an option of catching the 12:40 flight from Dimapur. So wake uplazily and leave for airport as per flight timing. In case the flights from Dimapur is expensive(due tohigh demand at that particular time) or doesnt seemvery convenient, you may take the evening train from Dimapur to Guwahati and fly out from Guwahati the nextday.
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