Tribes in Nagaland

The Naga Tribes

Nagas: the fighters, the soldiers, the head hunters and the strongest people dwelling in the highlands of Northeast India. There are no known facts about their origin or about the origin of word ‘Naga’. It could have originated from the Burmese word ‘Nagka’ which means people with pierced earlobes, or the Assamese Naga which means ‘naked’. In Sanskrit literature such as the Vedas they are mentioned as a golden-skinned people named the ‘Kiratas’. The Naga is believed to be part of Mongolic people found in areas as diverse as China, the Arctic and Amazonia.

Their glorious past and history have proven Nagas as warriors. Since time immemorial, Nagas have fought their enemies, British Raj and also different tribes to defend themselves and their clan. Loyalty is in their blood. Though the people who belong to the clan of headhunters are indeed warm hearted people. The emotions behind their face tattoos lurk around time to time. They are people of nature and the primitive style of living is still intact. The hard work year around has made them even stronger. The so called golden skinned people with honey dipped eyed and long straight hair are very progressive in fashion as well. English is common language and their mannerism is also very English and polite.

So visit the Nagaland and exhibit these 16 beautiful tribes of Nagaland and their respective districts where you may meet them.