Details of Districts in Nagaland


Mokokchung is the land of the Ao Nagas. Although almost all Aos have converted to Christianity, they still maintain their old customs and traditions and their hospitality can be seen during Christmas. This is the time when everyone, irrespective of their financial or social status, welcomes each other warmly in their homes. Molungyimsen is the First American Baptist Mission Centre in Naga Hills founded by Rev. Dr. E. W .Clark and the pioneer Naga Christian on 24 October 1876. About the establishment, Mrs Clark wrote, “the new village was formed without the accustomed heathen ceremonies to propitiate demons by great and expensive sacrificed offering. I was determined to abandon aggressive warfare and to be known as a peaceable, Christian village, the first to have this appellation in this entire wild mountain region stretching from the valley of the Brahmaputra far away across the hills to the plains of Burma.” Having established this station, various mission activities sprang into life such as baptism, school and literary works, church planting in others villages, social reforms, civil works and so on. It was definitely the beginning of a new era civilization in Nagaland. Besides Rev.Dr.& Mrs.E.W.Clark, others American Missionary families who dwelt at Molungyimsen were Rev. Dr.S.W.Rivenburg, Rev. S.A.Perrine and Dr.F.P.Haggard. in recognition of their sacrificial contributions for the Nagas, the Govt. of Nagaland attributed Molungyimsen as the Naga Educational Heritage and Pilgrimage Village.