Details of Districts in Nagaland


Phek is a district in the South-eastern part of Nagaland, bounded by Myanmar in the East, Zunheboto and Tuensang districts in the North, Manipur state in the South and Kohima district in the West. Earlier a part of Kohima district, it was made a seperate district on December 21, 1973. It is inhabited by the Chakhesangs and Pochurys. It is a hilly district rich in flora and fauna. there are three important rivers namely Tizu, Lanye, and Sedzu and three important lakes called Shilloi, Chida and Dzudu. The total geographical area of the district is 2026 sq. km. Agriculture is the main occupation with 80.84 % of the population engaged in agriculture. Terrace Rice Cultivation (TRC) is predominant. Besides agriculture people engage in salt making weaving, bamboo and wood carving, and in making fruit juice. The district is divided in five Rural Development Blocks viz. Phek, Meluri, Pfutsero, Kikruma, and Sekruzu. The palces of tourist interests in the district are Khezhakeno, the legendary village and Shilloi lake.