Details of Districts in Nagaland


Peren is the traditional home of the Zeliangrong and Kuki tribes. Mt.Pauna, the third highest peak in Nagaland stands majestically along the Benreu range. It offers breathtaking views (of rhododendrons, orchids, mithuns, birds etc) and treks along three escalating ranges leading to the peak. These ranges are about 6 km away from the Benreu village – ideal time for trekking is during the clear month of November. Peren is the eleventh and the newest district of Nagaland, formed as a result of bifurcation of Kohima District. The total geographical area of the district is 2300sq k.m. The Peren District is bounded by two States and two Districts. On the East and South it shares Nagaland’s Inter-State boundary with Manipur; on the west also it shares Nagaland’s Inter-State boundary with Assam; and on the North and North-East it is bounded by two Districts of Nagaland - Dimapurand Kohima, respectively. Peren district is headquartered at Peren. Peren, Jalukie and Tening are the major towns in the district. Most of the inhabitants belongs to the Zeliange and Kuki tribes. The Places of tourist interests in the district includes historical places like Mt. Kisa at Nzauna village and the caves at Puilwa village, Mt. Paona - the highest mountain peak in the District at Benreu village and Ntanki National Park - the home to Holloc Gibbon, a rare and an endangered species of monkey and with all its other charms.