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Resident Tribes

Nagaland is well-known for its tribe’s wealth. A significant number of tribes are considered to be resident in this area, some of them dating even since the 15th century.

There are a number of no less than 16 tribes that live in Nagaland. These are as follows:

  • Angami
  • Ao
  • Chakhesang
  • Chang
  • Kachari
  • Khiamniungan
  • Konyak
  • Kuki
  • Sangtam
  • Sumi
  • Yimchunger
  • Zeliangrong
  • Lotha
  • Phom
  • Pochury
  • Rengma

One of the most important activities that sustain the economy in Nagaland is represented by trade. A various list of products can be bought from there, articles that have a great potential of richness in the following years, or that are for a huge use in day-to-day activities.

Woven Crafts: Beautiful jackets and colorful bags can be purchased from the very origin of the tribes merchants. Based on each tribe’s traditions and folklore, different colors and motifs are imprinted on the products to mark their origin. Wonderful breads and cowries shell embellish the aspect of the products, in somehow of a contest between tribes, for the most beautiful and rich culture.

Pottery: When it comes to pottery, the functional value overcomes the aesthetic appearance. Specially designed by womenfolk, the Ungma and Tseminyu tribe distinguish from the rest by evolving their raw material from clay to aluminum and steel.

Jewelry: Beads and jewels are also important products to be sold by tribe’s merchants. The complexity and precision are not at the international market level, but they show the hard work and the effort involved in its creation. The main raw materials used are: horns, metal, bones, wood, seeds, glass, shell, teeth, hair, claws, and fiber.

Metal Products: The use of the metal articles designed by all tribes is weaponry. Brass and iron till are used to create deadly weapons and some ornamental features. The highest demand of weaponry is addressed to the Konyak tribe, which showed improved skills in design and complexity. Even to this day, products like chisels and spears are created by local blacksmiths, highly appreciated by tourists and people in that area.

Basketry: A wide area of carry baskets is available for tourists to be purchased. Crafted by women from strips of bamboo and cane, their aesthetic appearance is highly appreciated worldwide. The ones that step out of the usual are crafted in the village called Khonoma. These naga storages show an intricate weaving conferring them an original look and a high portability and consistency.

Summing up, having a trip via Nagaland Tourism Agency into the northeast region of India will not only enrich your cultural and social background, but it will impress you with the beautiful handmade crafts available to be purchased and the original traditions and habits that are kept and transmitted from generation to generation by the wisest men in the tribe.