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Posted by on Jun 18, 2017 in Blog |

How to Choose the Perfect Survival Knife for your Travels

How to Choose the Perfect Survival Knife for your Travels

A knife can be described as one of the most importantequipment which someone can use to survive during a critical situation. However, it is unfortunate that ignorance and Hollywood have misled lots of people when it comes to choosing a proper knife. Fortunately, you just need to follow a simple procedure when choosing the perfect survival knife.

Full Tang

A knife’s tang can be described as a solid part of the metal that covers the end of the blade, and also serves as a point of reinforcement and attachment for the handle. For the normal type of kitchen knife, the tang is just a thin strip of metal, which reflects the low level of kinetic stress. This kinetic stress affects the knife texture in one way or the other.

There is no way a survival knife won’t be subjected to numerous stressful conditions and trying periods. If it used for lots of survival activities or even a normal camping and hiking operation, it is more likely that the breakage of a narrow tang blade will occur.

Fixed Blade

We have lots of folding knives that are extremely well designed and ideal for most survival operations. However, when you want to choose the perfect survival knife, endeavor to opt for the one with a fixed blade. No instrument is 100% efficient and it can breakdown at any time. In addition, folding knives are portable and convenient to use and is not ideal for carrying out some specific survival tasks.

Blade Dimension, Shape and Size

In reality, many manufacturers design and make these knives as survival device based on what people see with their eyes thereby making the design and pattern of the device look attractive to the eyes than based on its effectiveness and value.

Though peoples’ taste and specification are different, however, it is ideal that a perfect knife blade should fall in the range of about 4-6 inches in length and must be lightweight so that the user can be able to handle it properly and conveniently for survival and intricate activities during unfavorable weather conditions.