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Posted by on Sep 11, 2017 in Blog |

Evaluating the Business of Buying Pokemon Go Account

Evaluating the Business of Buying Pokemon Go Account

Pokémon Go is a popular phenomenon that needs little or no introduction. Even those who don’t like playing games or have no idea about the whole process now have useful information about it. Even people who had chased Pokémon gamers away from their areas or house have now heard about the game due to its popularity. According to analysts, it is a popular game and it also generates around $200 million in revenue. And, like the other games that involve moving to higher levels and locating rare objects (in this game – creatures), lots of people are willing to sell their accounts and you can find them on specialized websites. If you want to quickly attain a higher level without putting much work or effort, buying Pokemon go account seems to be the right path to follow in order to achieve your task.

There are numerous websites like League of Trading or PlayerAuctions that offers a platform where gamers can make a business transaction by selling or buying various accounts of popular game – which ranges from the hardcore PC games to mobile games. Needless to say, you can find Pokémon Go on these specialized websites.

These accounts come in different price range, some may cost about $10 while others may cost about $11,000 and the price range depends on the trainer level, Pokémon monsters that have been secured, their evolution potential and the Combat Points attained, the collection of some items like Stardust, Ultraballs, and a host of others. In addition, a service referred as “power leveling” can be purchased — the user provides the details of their account to enable the service administrator access and use the account. Then, the administrator is the one responsible for the quick leveling up of the Poke trainer in that account and ensures the collection of numerous monsters and objects for the client.

Are you willing to sell your own account? Well, you might consider it. But always keep in mind that it is linked to your Gmail account, so unless you create a new, side account that is linked to Pokémon Go world, we would advise that it is not a good idea to give your private details to a stranger.