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Weather you are a busy person or you have a lot of free time, when it comes to planning and having a trip there are several ways to commit to the best available offer.

Nagaland Tourism Agency provides to their clients a suite of very useful tools that keeps their users updated with the most recent offer releases and top promotions that run inside the company.

To find out the current packages that are available on the market, you have these options:

  • Call to Call Center and ask about the available offers
  • Go to at Offers page
  • Reach Nagaland Tourism Agency office
  • Download and install the official Nagaland App

The office of the agency is located in Germany, but it provides services to any person who attends them. Their collaboration with foreigners is assured via a special department created inside.

Company Nagaland Tourism Agency
Address 25 Reutberger Str. 80995
City Munchen, Germany
Phone 49-89 333 1865
Fax 49-89 333 1866


Newsletter Subscription


In order to find out more about the latest travel package releases, subscribe to their newsletter on the platform. Receive weekly emails with the most popular offers and their descriptions.

Provide your email address and type it down into the newsletter textbox. Click Submit and you will receive in a couple of minutes a confirmation email in which you are requested to click on a link to verify your account.

Once your email is verified, you are all set up for the Nagaland Tourism Agency newsletter.

Download the Nagaland Mobile App


Stay updated and benefit of all advantages provided by Nagaland Tourism Agency using their official mobile app. Depending on your Smartphone type, you are able to get the app from the following stores:

  • Android – Google Play
  • Apple – App Store
  • Windows Phone – Windows Store

Using the mobile version of the online platform, you are able to see the most popular travel packages, and even pre-order a special one, designed for your needs.

Also, you are able to purchase an official package directly from your home, by using the Nagaland Tourism App. You only have to provide minimal information regarding your identity and to link your credit card account to the app.

The steps needed to be taken are easy and simple and after you complete the entire reservation process, a confirmation email will be send to your address.

Even though the offer you opt for is closed on the site, you are required to have a phone conversation with the Customer Care and Assurance department in order to set up every remained detail.

Looking over on the wide variety of opportunities, having a relaxed and cultural rich trip in Nagaland sounds like an awesome adventure. Am I right?

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